How strong are you?image
Are you strong enough to hold your tears?
Do you stand strong on the ground so the wind can’t take you down?
Is your skin hard enough so nothing can  touch it and make it bleed?

No … not at all

For me the meaning of strong is when …

You not afraid to cry your self till your last tears then smile after.

You rise agaimagein and stand tall after your fall, even on the deepest fall.

You still fight bravely when you feel pain and bleeding.


You still give away pieces of your heart to anyone you love even though sometimes the pieces not come back to you and leave a scar.

You still dare to love and grow your heart bigger and bigger.

You keep walking and walking on the road full with obstacle

You keep believe in the light even though You’re in the dark for so long.

And you…image

Just to be your self … that’s is the strongest person. Just to be able to be your self in the stereotype society.

Just to show your beautiful uniqueness to everyone.


You are strong enough

♡Ina Pendit♡


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