A Broken Hearted Angel

How to stop a very sensitive little girl from crying?

You cannot …

tumblr-crying-girlWhatever the reason is when this little angel shed a tears, it will only stop when all the motions that she’s been holding all this time release with all the tears. Weather it’s because she’s upset, or because someone upset of her, or someone just upset about something but release the emotions to her… she will cry in silent or out loud.


The tears will bring up all the feelings an emotions that related to her, especially when you are her mother, her only parent left that she can only see for a day on the weekend, now stay by her side and try to calm her self down. The more you say something, the more you stroke her hair or her back, the tighter you hold her … the more she cry and the launder it become.

How long will it takes?il_340x270.753961435_c4gl

half an hour maybe more ….

She will hold you tighter along with her emotions that flowing out, you cannot do anything to stop it. All you can do is hold her still and wait until she release everything out.

Today, a few words that came out of her mouth during the releasing moment was “I wanna live with you” …

All I can say is “Please be patient child … soon, a few more years, when we ready then you can stay with me”

She cried more “next year,I wanna live with you next year”

“not yet dear … just be patient”

she kept crying for a couple more minutes … even when I took her to the bathroom for shower, she still crying a little bit. Her head is as high as my chest already and I washed her hair, scrubbed her body like a baby. Finally it stopped. The warm shower help her to calm down.

angelI’m sorry little angel …  you still this young but already has a broken heart … don’t worry the crack in your heart will filled with love more that make your heart grow bigger and bigger.

I’m sorry that I can only do what I can do for this moment … I try my best to be on your side on a precious moment in your life.

Know that everyone love you so much … you are an angel …and you are loved

All this emotions that you experiences will make you shine brighter

I LOVE YOU my angel

for my lovely daughter, Lunetta


-Ina –



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