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The Last Day

The last day … finally

We will only walk about 8 or 9km so we woke up a little bit late. 😀 The van went first to pick up Beat from his house to the cemetery where we will meet the kids from YPAC the school for disabled children and walk together to the school (about 500 meters). Before we started walk we had a little warming up as usual when Daniel join us. :p so … this is it, our last stage …

When we passed a monument just before the cemetery, there some people who already wait to walk with us. Pak made the chairman, Franck the biker and his biker friends (he was riding his bicycle around Bali in 24 hours), and more friends. After we pick up the children from the cemetery then we walked together with Nengah Widiasih (paraylimpic athlete and student of YPAC). At the school there were some people who welcome us, there was traditional Balinese live music, a stage with children sat in front of it and some people from government. Wow … what a surprise. Continue reading The Last Day


Day 17

Canggu-Jimbaran 20km, mission complete

Today I started to walk again Now some friends came with us. We walked from Beat’s house to the Canggu beach and all along the beach before the Ngurah Rai Airport.  Robert , Daniel, Mark Savage and Pahuna walked with me from Beat’s house. Beat didn’t come with us because his foot was still swollen. And on the beach, Sarah, Amanda, her Mom and their dogs joined us. It was fun because we walked and talked about many things.

Robert’s wanted to keep his feet dry so whenever we need to cross rivers he asked someone to carry him on the back. So the first river Mark was so kind to carry him over, but he need to leave after 1 hour walk with us. At the second river, Daniel was so nice to carry him over. But after he didn’t want to do it anymore because he want Robert to become more independent. So Robert finally succeed jump of the river. :p Continue reading Day 17

Day 14, 15, 16

For 3 days I need to go back home because my Mom who usually taking care of my daughter Luna go to Lombok, so I need to be with her for a few days until my Mom come back. These days I use to take a rest and concentrate doing fasting.

Fasting Day 1

Today I start fasting, only taking liquid such as fresh water or water from boiled herbs and vegetables. Today I boiled spinach and lemon grass. The first 2-3 glasses it still feel ok. But the next glass I start to feel it awful. In the morning I did my routine like usual, but at noon I start to feel week. No dizzy and only a little hungry, but this week feeling and sleepy … I can’t hold it. So I took a nap maybe 2 hours, I don’t remember exactly. And in the evening I finally went to Bed about 2 hours earlier. Arggghhh … what happened to me. hope the next day will be better.

Fasting Day 2

I feel more fresh today. I did all the house cleaning, sweating but not tired. I still feel strong. I boiled lemongrass and ginger for today’s liquor … 🙂 And it feels good. I like the smells and the taste. Even My Dad like it also, he took 2 glasses and that made me make another pot for the rest of the evening. I guess my body start to cleans and get use to not eat. Good sign. Continue reading Day 14, 15, 16

Day 13

Klungkung – Ubud 19km, mission complete

Today I walked with Wayan, Barbara and her husband.  It was a nice walk even the cars on the road were not nice. The clouds cover the sun all day so I walked barefoot  the whole day. We stopped by at a Barbara’s friend painting  gallery in Ubud. I love the painting mostly the Balinese girl’s paintings. And the gallery has a very nice view. a rice fields are just next to it and we can see it from the window.

We arrived at Bali Children Project with the kids waited for us. They served us fresh coconut juice, so good… 😀 You know I just realize that since I began the walk I didn’t eat much. Sometime yes  3 times a day but mostly 2 times, and yesterday only once a day. But I didn’t feel hungry or dizzy, strange. Continue reading Day 13

Day 12

Besakih – Klungkung 27km, mission complete

I walked from Besakih to Klungkung with Robert . He can’t stand only stay in the bus without walking. So he walked with socks and shoes on. The road is small but many big truck passed on the road, so there was almost no space for me t walk. I barely swipe be the truck …

At noon we arrived at Klungkung. After rest for  a while on the place we were gonna stay, we went to Fajar Dua orphanage to hold a medical check.  Not long came my friend from Sidemen, Karangasem Regency. Barbara, her husband Wayan and her daughter Dwi came to  visit us. And they decided to walk with us the next day. Yay … more people will walk.

And accidentally I knew something similar with dr. Risma and my self. We had a same life experience. Only I already let go and moved on while she still need more time. Since that we started to share. It’s nice to have more buddy …  Hope I can help her like I help my self.

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