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Dancing Boy

Random Act of Kindness #2 Dancing Boy

cartoon-excited-boy-dancing-hand-drawn-illustration-retro-style-vector-available-37037666Yesterday Evening as usual, every Sunday night I go to Havana Cafe to dance salsa. But this time is a little bit special. After I finished my dancing and took a little rest, I saw some children, a girl and a boy dancing on the dance floor, seems like they are siblings. After a while another little boy approached them and wanted to join but they didn’t let him. The little boy looked sad and he ran to his Mom to get a hug. Then I walked to them and asked if I can dance with him. Shy he nodded his head. Then I dance 1 full Bachata song with him, showed him a very simple steps so he can follow. And wad he really into the music, moved his little feet and smiled all the time. After the dance finished he gave me a big warm hug and smile. Glad that I did it.


A simple act of kindness mean a lot for someone

-Ina Pendit-



Sleep Time

Sleep Time

20140624_073234This was the most unforgotten experience in Vipassana meditation retreat for me. This happened on Day 7. Days before was nothings weird with my sleeping. After I did well on the walking meditation, after I started to enjoy my daily life meditation because my movement became slow naturally, after I did 1,5 hours sitting meditation … at night when I tried to sleep … I start to feel many sensations on my body. Too intense that made me cannot sleet at all. It was start from my eyes. It was feel like burning, especially on the right eyes. Every time I closed my eyes I can feel my was moving all around, my eyes muscle was hurting. I tried to relax and observe all like the teacher said. Then I can feel that I almost felt to sleep but awake less than a second after, it was happened over and over again. I felt the muscle behind my head was contraction, every time I realized it and make it relax then it contracted again, over and over…Then I just decided to open my eyes and let all happen. Until I heard the wake up bell … Continue reading Sleep Time

The Daily Life Meditation

This one is a challenge also. How can I do everything in meditation state .. Hmmmm …

First practice is to realize and to divide i activities into several movements, then focus on the movements. It was started with the drinking process … the first view days only the drinking process … others activities, yes I did it slowly, and be mindful of the movements but still cannot see every single move. So I was only trying to move slowly … that’s it, no more

IMG_52586372082265The more I enjoy and understand about the other meditation practice (the walking and sitting meditation), along with that the less I was trying to move slowly. But the I realized that I cannot move unconsciousness anymore. My hands, head and other parts of my body was feel heavier. So I really need to focus and concentrate to do something. To move them. Like when I was doing the walking meditation the I feel thirsty … I need to see my bottle first the think to reach it, when I try to move my arm it was heavy and it was like I can feel the wind that touched my arm when moving. I didn’t have to make my hand move slowly, it was already move slowly it self. so so slow. That I can see it move, like when I dance very slow I need to feel the movement. Like that … Hmmm I know maybe my explanation not to brief Continue reading The Daily Life Meditation

Sitting Meditation

Sorry for the late late late post. I’ve been trough some big change in my life. So I will finish all this post about my retreat today.

IMG-20140624-WA0004This time I would like to share you about my experience in sitting meditation on Vipassana meditation retreat. My sitting meditation was not easy tough. Starting only for 15 minutes and gradually raise, then there were and up and down also. My hardest challenge is to stay focus on the subject that dominant without falling sleepy and fall asleep during the process.

The first 3 days I can only did it for about 15 minutes the I started feeling sleepy, sometimes felt to sleep also … I also felt sore and pain on my back and my legs in a short time. I felt not comfortable with my body, but felt more uncomfortable with my mind. My mind was so wild and fast moving. When I started to aware on it, it already change again. It was not easyyyyy …. need a lot of patience and will power ….

IMG-20140624-WA0003After my first interview and received some advises and Gradually I can raise my sitting meditation’s time. around half and hour. The soreness and the pain on my legs also reduced. I was able to handle it longer.  I started to be able to be aware, recognize and observe the mind. The wondering mind, the thinking mind, the calculating mind, dreaming, the paling mind, etc. And it gets better and better. But I still felt the sleepiness even it was not as strong as before.I was able to stay focus on the movement of the abdomen longer. Beside that I can felt other main object also that are sitting and touching (the feeling when my hands touch my knees).Beside that I started recognize other object like cold, bored, emptiness, light, hot, pulse, etc. Continue reading Sitting Meditation