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We are We

We are one and two at the same time 

We share blood and flesh

She’s part of me yet we both came from the same source

I am her and she is me

We’re soul mate 

We’re guru and student in two ways 

We’re reminder to each other 

We’re connected through blood, flesh, bone marrow, breath, heart and soul 

But in the end …

I am free and she is free

We walk our own path and still … we feel each other presence 

I am my own and she is her own 

She’s not under my control…

We’re light that shine on to each other, yet we’re shine on our own when we’re alone

We’re love that open to each other, yet will stay open when the other not around 

We are what we are …
❤ -Ina-


The Journey

Nine months warmth surround this tiny pure soul
She’s protected , loved ….

Scream, sweat, blood covering the entrance to the place of thousands temples
Strong energy, sweet smell, soft gending and gamelan all around
The tiny soul woke up, open the eyes and start to feel
Beautiful faces dancing on a sacred song with flowers on their hands
Small soul smile from the heart and start dancing around Continue reading The Journey

No Mind

I noticed that recently every thing goes so fast in my life.  Job changing, move to a new place, people come and go … Even me, I change a lot in a short time period.  I become more open, it makes everything around me come towards me in a flash.

I can’t resist it, 10649617_10152885205828832_6789027860407172228_n

I can’t deny it.

I can’t hold it,

I can’t lie,

I can’t hide…

Or can I?

Then I turn my self into me in the past if I do this.

Repressing all deep deep down and always put others first.

Now I just surrender and let it flow. Without thinking to much, or even without a single thought. Continue reading No Mind

Post from my sister

Ada seorang lelaki yang berkemah di dalam hutan, namun badai kemudian datang. Ia lalu masuk ke dalam tenda berharap badai tersebut cepat berlalu. Terdengar suara pohon tumbang, akar tercabut dari tanah, dan suara dasyat lainnya. Ia hanya berharap selamat dari badai tersebut.Secepat datang secepat itu pula badai berlalu. Ia merasa bersyukur masih hidup, kemudian ia mengamati hutan tersebut. Pandangannya bukan terpaku pada pohon-pohon yang tumbang namun daun yang berserakan di tanah.Seperti yang ia duga, kenbanyakan daun yang gugur adalah yang berwarna coklat tua, diantaranya banyak juga yang berwarna kuning, bahkan beberapa daun hujau. Pada saat itulah hatinya memahami sifat kematian sebagaimana adanya. Continue reading Post from my sister