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Hug and Heal

​”Give Hug and Heal” at the same time.

When you hug someone sincerely, from your heart … when you connect with someone, heart to heart, soul to soul with a simple hug … and breathe together … you will feel every worry, every problem, every emotions gone along with the breath. 

If no one to hug, a tree will do … I love hugging a tree also.

-Ina Pendit-


You Are Special and I Love You


I only know how to love deeply.
once I open my heart, it will stay open.
I don’t know how to decrease the intensity… I only know once you get in to my circle as a friend or more … you will know if you are to me.
But that label cannot describe who you are to me. It’s just a label that for me don’t fit you. I have many people that I call friend, but not all connect to me as you are.
You are special … and I Love You


Winter and Summer Warrior

Every picture that I draw is meant for someone to have it. This one I made it for one of my good friend before he moved back to his country.


Every one have a big heart, and every one have love that ready to shine on. but some of them just don’t know how to light it up. It covered by all the condition, dogma, situation, trauma and they’ve been through since they were a kid. The light inside them then getting smaller and dimmer. All they have to do is willing to open, to see to, reach out and let their love shine again. By just simply look around in an open eyes and an open heart … when people see love around them in every thing, they will start to love again. Even though it’s not easy at first, many questions, doubt, worry … once they let it all go … the love inside will shine again brighter and bigger.

For an old friend, dear winter warrior … I believe you already turn into a summer warrior now.


Follow Your Heart

Sometimes we need to make a hard choice in our life. Or we are facing a situation that makes us not able to think clearly. Or even, our life suddenly change and we are not ready for it.


We are a social creature that we feels like we need to ask for others opinion, we feels like we need confirmation from others … but they not us … we are in our situation not others. So no one can tell us what to do or what to say.

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