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Ojos De Dios

Since I learn to made this beautiful waving called Ojos De Dios, I’m so in love with it. From 4 sides to 16 sides to a 3 D. The first time I met this beauty was at a wpman circle. The woman that hold the space thought us how to made this beauty. And then let them go and put them on the tree or on the ground around us. It’s the practise to let go.

The Ojo de Dios or God’s eye is a ritual tool, magical object, and cultural symbol evoking the weaving motif for the Huichol and Tepehuan Indians of western Mexico. It’s symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable, The Mystery.

it’s my new way of meditation.

And here are some of the creations


Intuitive Mandala Workshop

A few weeks ago I joined an Intuitive Mandala Workshop with Holly Blake. We work with papers, coloring pencils and crayons, making shapes and colors, and make a collage mandala. I only made a quarter part instead of the full circle. Later on Holly collect our mandalas and put it together into a complete circle. Then Holly not just send the complete mandala to each of us, she also made an intuitive reading on our mandalas. It was a fun and interesting workshop. I play around with the shapes and color, just like  a child … I never did a collage mandala before so this one is not easy for me but I love it.

Collage Mandala from the workshop









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Luna’s Mandala

Since I makes mandala, Luna start to interested on what I’m doing. She likes to watch me when I draw, especially when i color the mandala. And then she start to draw her own, but in a few minutes she give up. haha … and I got and idea, why don’t I makes her a simple coloring mandala. So she can color it with her own imaginations and it’s more simple. So made her the first coloring mandala and she was so excited. She needs 2 days to finish coloring the mandala, because she is very active. She sit a few minutes to color and then gone somewhere, sit again for a few minutes to continue, and gone again … hahaha … I think this will be a good meditation for her, to keep her calm.

So this is what she got.