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Children of Nature

We are the children of nature 
We are the children of the earth

We are Gaia’s daughter

We learn, play and share with the Mother

We take care of Her because She take care of us

We love her because she love us


Kami anak anak Pertiwi

Last week project, Creativity Time with nature


Communicate with the plans, find out their character, personalize them in drawing …


Dear sisters that giving birth to a warrior

Dear sisters,
You might have so many questions about why your life started to change. Why you felt all those emotions. Why you need to faced those troubles.
Dear sisters,
Do you realize that all that you’ve been through. All that happened in your life. All that pain that you felt. Is for you, yourself and your children. All those tears, sweats and blood … is to make sure that You mature enough to help them grow. Wise enough to answer all of their questions. Strong enough to protect and train them. Aware enough to realize their talent and help them shine bright.


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A child will always be a child


Our children will always be a child in our eyes. No matter how big they grow, how mature they become,  how independent they are … when they come to their mother with naked soul … and the mother see them with open heart … they will remain a child. When both children and moms drop their mask … uncover their soul … be their self in purity,  they will find that their connection,  their relationship still the same. As mother and children.  Every mother share their breath,  their blood,  their flesh and bones with their child. And that will never change whatever happen.
Today I seen my moon after 2 weeks. Luna growing up into a beautiful mature and independent young woman. But today I see her also as a baby that always want to feel my present around her. She holds my hand when we walked together. She huged me, sat on my lap or closed to me, put her head on my lap whenever she had a chance.  She even still hold my hand tight when she was fall asleep. I know that she missed me … she showed that to me … I am blessed to have her as my daughter.  I love you Lunetta ♡♡♡

Children of Nature

Today work was a little bit different. I went with client to see the nature. Feel blessed.  Feel recharged.  Feel have more energy.  We are born in such a beautiful nature.  And Bali have such a special energy, especially in certain places.

I’m the soul that came from the center of the Earth.
Grow with the earth as my mother and the sky as my father.
The soil, the water, the wind and the fire are my brothers and sisters.
The animals and creatures are my friends.
I’ve been lost …
But I always come back to them since they keep calling out my name.
I’m back … here I am … let me be one with you once again

Growth part 3



I moved back to Bali 2009, and not long I got a job as a therapist for special needs children. I work there for 2 years until My husband came and he got a great job in Bali so he decided to stay with us. Not long from that moment my pain and other symptom was getting worst. My joints were swollen and hurts so bad, My eyes can’t see clearly, My hair were falling … and … the doctor even the specialist can’t find something wrong with me. I am healthy … but pain all over my body. And then I decided to quit from my job and stay at home.

To fill my time I helped my Aunt with her learning house. I teach English, dance and handcrafts … they are so adorable. There were some volunteers who help us also, and some from other country. I was enjoying my time at the learning house when my husband died … after that I was a bit lost. Then I tried to fill my emptiness to do any kind of activities that I like. I join  social community in my town. I do many kind of things there. Help people, even organizing, have fun …   I use most of my time to serve people. Until there was a volunteer from Holand that stay with the learning house for about 3 months. The change was start … Continue reading Growth part 3