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17 February 2016

Pictures when me and my ladies dancer friends perform on a latin club in Kuta, Bali.

It was an amazing experience, our first performance outside Ubud.


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The Journey

Nine months warmth surround this tiny pure soul
She’s protected , loved ….

Scream, sweat, blood covering the entrance to the place of thousands temples
Strong energy, sweet smell, soft gending and gamelan all around
The tiny soul woke up, open the eyes and start to feel
Beautiful faces dancing on a sacred song with flowers on their hands
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Yesterday Night I went to an art event. There was a paintings and photos exhibition, life music, dance, card reading, collective poems and painting from the guest. This event was held by a beautiful artist, Anya Oparina, she did the live painting also during the event. The event supposed to begin at 7.30 pm but late about 2 hours, it didn’t matter to me because for me it’s another amazing moment. Beside I can enjoy the show that I missed for years, I met with new friends that I believe will lead me to another path … I also got a card reader that tell all of me. Even I know the lady who did the read but I never had a talk with her about my life … so it was amazing.

Organic Mind

This evening I went to an event in Sanur. My musician friend invited me to come. There are paintings exhibition, workshop for recycle stuff and life music. I drove my motor bike about 45 minutes earlier because I don’t know the where is exactly the place. I drove along the road where supposed to be there, but I can’t found it until the end of the road. I asked some people but any of them don’t know. So I used the GPS, …. still I pass it 3 times and still didn’t find any clue. Finally I drove back again but very very slowly and … I found the place but it has a different name from the brochure. No wonder I can’t found it. I don’t know why I’m so desperately want to go there. I’m so in to it.

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Growth part 2

I promise you all to continue to write about my life story so here it is
balinese danceFREEDOM
After I finished high school I decide to free my life. A few days after my graduation my friends asked me to go with them on a vacation to Yogyakarta and that’s what I told my parents. but when I got there I decided to stay and not come back to Bali. What i was thinking whatever my parents would say they can’t do anything because I already in Yogyakarta. So I lived in Yogyakarta for 5 years and study about psychology at a good university and only went back to Bali every once a year. This time I really feel free. I lived on a boarding house with some friends, I did what I wanted to do, I discover so many thing at this stage because I can explore my self without afraid of beingĀ  judge. I becameĀ  vegetarian on my own free will. Since little i noticed that i was having difficulty to have meat. I can’t chewed it well and often throw it out. And I feel more comfortable became a vegetarian, even some of my friends still teased me for that. I join some clubs where I can dig inside of me, dance, theater, art performance, where they always used meditation, catharsis and self exploration on their process. I read more books about spiritual and the one that became my guide until now is “The Celestine Prophecy“. At this time I started to learn how to read cards and got my Reiki attunement. A bit weird also. I learned tarot from a Japanese comic book (that I love to read so much) and I made my own cards. For the Reiki I got a free long distance attunement until the master level and only guided by manual and books how to works with the symbols, long distance and make program. I met peoples from many different backgrounds. I learn about others religions and believes. And I got some experiences with other wold also. Continue reading Growth part 2