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Children of Nature

We are the children of nature 
We are the children of the earth

We are Gaia’s daughter

We learn, play and share with the Mother

We take care of Her because She take care of us

We love her because she love us


Kami anak anak Pertiwi

Last week project, Creativity Time with nature


Communicate with the plans, find out their character, personalize them in drawing …


Face Sketch

A few weeks ago was one of my good friend’s birthday. I decided to give her something different. So I made a sketch of her face. Perhaps this is my first sketch that not using imagination and have to see the sample …. as far as I know all of my drawings came out from my imagination. But I think it went nice for a beginner … haha

Me with the sketch
My friend Putri on the left


New Drawing

This is my new drawing that finished a few weeks ago


i don’t know when I draw this I imagine of my self and my true self

Hmmm … what words can I put with this ya …


I am ME

need a long hard time to find Me inside

need tears and sweats to get along with ME

I denied HER one

I ignored HER once

but now I am ME

we cannot be separate anymore


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Luna’s Mandala

Since I makes mandala, Luna start to interested on what I’m doing. She likes to watch me when I draw, especially when i color the mandala. And then she start to draw her own, but in a few minutes she give up. haha … and I got and idea, why don’t I makes her a simple coloring mandala. So she can color it with her own imaginations and it’s more simple. So made her the first coloring mandala and she was so excited. She needs 2 days to finish coloring the mandala, because she is very active. She sit a few minutes to color and then gone somewhere, sit again for a few minutes to continue, and gone again … hahaha … I think this will be a good meditation for her, to keep her calm.

So this is what she got.