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The Journey

Nine months warmth surround this tiny pure soul
She’s protected , loved ….

Scream, sweat, blood covering the entrance to the place of thousands temples
Strong energy, sweet smell, soft gending and gamelan all around
The tiny soul woke up, open the eyes and start to feel
Beautiful faces dancing on a sacred song with flowers on their hands
Small soul smile from the heart and start dancing around Continue reading The Journey


Holy Water Cleansing

Hey Angels,


Long time already,

I just wanted to share some pictures and my experience to the Holy Spring a few weeks ago.


I was fully fasting that day, and my life is just on a shifting at this moment, but I need something to clear my mind. So I decided to have a water cleansing. I came to Sebatu holy spring about three years ago. But it was just like a normal visit to a spring. But this time was different. Not many people came. I had more time for my self under the water. The water was so cold and very strong. I spent about half and hour under the water.Not many emotion came out, but after I finished the cleansing and walk up to pray, my body started to shaking. I managed to sit down and pray. In the middle of my meditation, my hand started to shaking/ flapping and move around. I guessed that’s a part of the cleansing. I wait a few minutes until it stop and walked to the changing room. Before I walked far, the vibration came at me again. I needed to hold onto the bar that separate the walking path and the river under the spring. It was so intense and strong …almost similar when I had a water cleansing with Ida Resi Alit, but this one is stronger and longer. I wish after the cleansing my mind and my path is clearer … whatever it is, where ever it lead me , I just ask for a clear mind to face anything and everything.

-Ina Pendit –

A New Journey Begin

It’s been a few weeks I move into this green highland. My new journey is begin. But it was not just begin when I move, it already start long time ago … since I still leave in a blue town made of sand. I think it’s time for me to share it to all of you now. I’m ready to let go and move on.

There were 3 souls that become part of this journey. The lost soul … The searching soul … The Fallen Angel. They all been lives and connected to the Green highland, and two of them still lives there.

The Lost Soul that turn into The ghost from the past.

13117099-256-k89431Last year when I lives in Blue town I started to taste many kind of human experiences. My life started to open up. Night life with the cafe and clubs, Beaches with bikinis and tanning skin, many new human and aliens from all over galaxy … When I started to open up my heart and then broke it and the try to get it into peace again … there was a soul that I met. In a space with no name, I met him wandering, same as I. At the first time we knew that there were something between us that made us so connected since the first time. It was like we knew each other since long time. I think I owe him something before that made me need to pay it now, or maybe the opposite (Karma). And we both lost … very very lost … But at that time he made me realize something that I’ve been forgot too long … He made me realize that I have this candle inside. And he light up that light …  He teach me and showed me so many things that I missed. He showed me the soft side of me … he’s the gate opener. He helped me to open the gate and let me enter with open heart. One day he mentioned about the high priestess that she heard has powerful spirit that help people to find their way home. he wanted to meet her and said that I should meet her also. Not long after that we both start to realized that we’ve been walking in a circle … never end circle if we never realized that we’ve been lost inside. … at the end he leaved me on the gate to the green highland … alone … and he walk in front of me further and further …. and he turn into a Ghost from the past and disappear. I stood there not moving … stoned … Continue reading A New Journey Begin

Sleep Time

Sleep Time

20140624_073234This was the most unforgotten experience in Vipassana meditation retreat for me. This happened on Day 7. Days before was nothings weird with my sleeping. After I did well on the walking meditation, after I started to enjoy my daily life meditation because my movement became slow naturally, after I did 1,5 hours sitting meditation … at night when I tried to sleep … I start to feel many sensations on my body. Too intense that made me cannot sleet at all. It was start from my eyes. It was feel like burning, especially on the right eyes. Every time I closed my eyes I can feel my was moving all around, my eyes muscle was hurting. I tried to relax and observe all like the teacher said. Then I can feel that I almost felt to sleep but awake less than a second after, it was happened over and over again. I felt the muscle behind my head was contraction, every time I realized it and make it relax then it contracted again, over and over…Then I just decided to open my eyes and let all happen. Until I heard the wake up bell … Continue reading Sleep Time

The Daily Life Meditation

This one is a challenge also. How can I do everything in meditation state .. Hmmmm …

First practice is to realize and to divide i activities into several movements, then focus on the movements. It was started with the drinking process … the first view days only the drinking process … others activities, yes I did it slowly, and be mindful of the movements but still cannot see every single move. So I was only trying to move slowly … that’s it, no more

IMG_52586372082265The more I enjoy and understand about the other meditation practice (the walking and sitting meditation), along with that the less I was trying to move slowly. But the I realized that I cannot move unconsciousness anymore. My hands, head and other parts of my body was feel heavier. So I really need to focus and concentrate to do something. To move them. Like when I was doing the walking meditation the I feel thirsty … I need to see my bottle first the think to reach it, when I try to move my arm it was heavy and it was like I can feel the wind that touched my arm when moving. I didn’t have to make my hand move slowly, it was already move slowly it self. so so slow. That I can see it move, like when I dance very slow I need to feel the movement. Like that … Hmmm I know maybe my explanation not to brief Continue reading The Daily Life Meditation