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Remembering without getting any emotions involved.

​5 years ago ….

He was just 30 years old and I was 29,

There were so many questions in my head,

There were so many emotions rise up,

I stayed up all night waiting for him to went back home,

I already had a feelings that something happenened,

My life suddenly changed …
I was preparing for your farewell party at this time. It’s been quiet a while you gone back home to where you belong. But now I realize that no emotions and feelings involved anymore. I believe that both You and Me already released and free.

Dian Kusuma Bhuwana Tampubolon, a beloved husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, an Angel …. every one that knew you still have you in their memory. You are the sweetest and kindness soul I ever met. You are the best teacher in my life.

Again … thank you for everything and we love you forever. 💜💜💜


We are We

We are one and two at the same time 

We share blood and flesh

She’s part of me yet we both came from the same source

I am her and she is me

We’re soul mate 

We’re guru and student in two ways 

We’re reminder to each other 

We’re connected through blood, flesh, bone marrow, breath, heart and soul 

But in the end …

I am free and she is free

We walk our own path and still … we feel each other presence 

I am my own and she is her own 

She’s not under my control…

We’re light that shine on to each other, yet we’re shine on our own when we’re alone

We’re love that open to each other, yet will stay open when the other not around 

We are what we are …
❤ -Ina-

You Are Special and I Love You


I only know how to love deeply.
once I open my heart, it will stay open.
I don’t know how to decrease the intensity… I only know once you get in to my circle as a friend or more … you will know if you are to me.
But that label cannot describe who you are to me. It’s just a label that for me don’t fit you. I have many people that I call friend, but not all connect to me as you are.
You are special … and I Love You


A Broken Hearted Angel

How to stop a very sensitive little girl from crying?

You cannot …

tumblr-crying-girlWhatever the reason is when this little angel shed a tears, it will only stop when all the motions that she’s been holding all this time release with all the tears. Weather it’s because she’s upset, or because someone upset of her, or someone just upset about something but release the emotions to her… she will cry in silent or out loud.


The tears will bring up all the feelings an emotions that related to her, especially when you are her mother, her only parent left that she can only see for a day on the weekend, now stay by her side and try to calm her self down. The more you say something, the more you stroke her hair or her back, the tighter you hold her … the more she cry and the launder it become. Continue reading A Broken Hearted Angel


Have you ever been in a situation where you did something because you feel guilty if you didn’t do it. You are afraid of disappointing others. You are afraid of hurting someone else. But when you did that you feel uncomfortable, because deep down inside you know if this is not what you want.

Sometimes we want to please others, we don’t want to be rejected, and other things related to the reactions of others and their acceptance of us. That underlying our actions. But you forget that everything that you do should be based on love and sincerity. If you do something or say something for fear of the reactions of others, it will end up with discomfort in the absence of pure love and sincerity.0a3a26a897c6c04ca5cb535bb3487aa6-d6mv1pn

If the deeds and words even the thoughts based of love and sincerity, because we want to … you will feel the happiness and comfort.

Continue reading GUILT