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Shall I put my mask on?

Once I found my true self I already put down all the mask that I’ve been wearing. All of those time when I compromise with being normal. All of those time when I hid my feelings and emotions. All of those time when I do everything for the sake of others. 
Is everything become easier without my mask? Absolutely no. Being genuine mean you ready to be rejected by others. Ready to feel pain. Ready to experience all kind of emotions and take them as they are. All kind of feelings that not all good you need to deal with.

There’s a time when you want to ran away and hide and disapear … as a human being I still feel negative emotions and sometimes I did mistakes also, I said and did something not right and maybe make others feels hurt. I cannot take everything back … what’s done os done.

Should I wear my mask again and pretend that all ok when I feel not ok? Should I cover my eyes, ears and all sense? When I feel like I wanna be alone and spend time in my cave it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be reach and pull out. 

I know that everything just illusion, I just need to keep remind my self I AM is not what I think, what I feel, what I do … all is ok they way it is. All is fine and beautiful… the good side of me, the evil side of me, the angel and the devil, Parvati and Kali, all is ok. 

I forgive you dear self, I’m sorry for being too hard on you. Please forgive me to let you feel more and not remind you that there’s a feeling and emotions that came out. Sorry to let the feeling taking over you. Thank you for being so strong for all of this time … I LOVE YOU 

So never wear the mask again, just be you no matter what.



You Are Special and I Love You


I only know how to love deeply.
once I open my heart, it will stay open.
I don’t know how to decrease the intensity… I only know once you get in to my circle as a friend or more … you will know if you are to me.
But that label cannot describe who you are to me. It’s just a label that for me don’t fit you. I have many people that I call friend, but not all connect to me as you are.
You are special … and I Love You


A Broken Hearted Angel

How to stop a very sensitive little girl from crying?

You cannot …

tumblr-crying-girlWhatever the reason is when this little angel shed a tears, it will only stop when all the motions that she’s been holding all this time release with all the tears. Weather it’s because she’s upset, or because someone upset of her, or someone just upset about something but release the emotions to her… she will cry in silent or out loud.


The tears will bring up all the feelings an emotions that related to her, especially when you are her mother, her only parent left that she can only see for a day on the weekend, now stay by her side and try to calm her self down. The more you say something, the more you stroke her hair or her back, the tighter you hold her … the more she cry and the launder it become. Continue reading A Broken Hearted Angel


How strong are you?image
Are you strong enough to hold your tears?
Do you stand strong on the ground so the wind can’t take you down?
Is your skin hard enough so nothing can  touch it and make it bleed?

No … not at all

For me the meaning of strong is when …

You not afraid to cry your self till your last tears then smile after. Continue reading Strong