Characteristics of Lightworkers:

  • Lightworkers don’t feel like they “fit in” with the majority of the people in the world. Lightworkers feel that that they were different from others, and misunderstood by most people (sadly, often members of their own family).
  • Lightworkers believe they are here for a divine “purpose,” even if they haven’t found out what it is yet, and this nags at Lightworkers and generates a chronic feeling of inner urgency and restlessness.
  • Lightworkers’ childhood was difficult, painful, and/or lonely.
  • Lightworkers are very compassionate, and they are always going out of their way to help others.  A lightworker’s very nature is that of a helper – often to the point where Lightworkers have trouble saying “no” to requests from people.
  • Lightworkers are empathic – meaning that Lightworkers can literally FEEL other people’s emotional states, particularly if they are in pain.
  • Lightworkers relationships are unbalanced – Lightworkers tend to attract “wounded” people who need saving and healing, and Lightworkers give, give, give. (Many Lightworkers get a little better at setting boundaries in relationships as they get older, simply because they eventually get tired of being taken advantage of over and over again.)
  • Lightworkers crave love and acceptance, yet have had a hard time finding it, and they feel discouraged from many years of relations
    hips that just don’t work out.
  • Although Lightworkers often feel lonely, they would often rather spend time alone than hang out with people who don’t understand their true self.  Lightworkers sometimes find themselves “faking it” in social settings in order to fit in better and not be seen as “the weird one” in the room.

  • Lightworkers value peace and harmony. Lightworkers are not competitive and often don’t stick up for themselves. Lightworkers dislike arguing and fighting (it might even make them feel ill). However, Lightworkers can become very angry when they see any person or any living thing being treated cruelly or unfairly. (They even cry when they see trees being cut down.) In particular, violent treatment of children or animals makes them crazy.
  • Lightworkers’ careers involve helping people in some way, shape, or form:  medicine/healing, counseling, social work, teaching, helping animals, helping nature and the environment – anything that contributes to the well-being of humanity and the planet.  (If you are in any kind of helping profession, you are a Lightworker whether you remember your true soul origins or not.)
  • Lightworkers’ careers are also in the spiritual arena:  Lightworkers do psychic readings, read Astrology charts, practice Feng Shui, or Reiki. Lightworkers are ministers, yoga teachers, doing shamanic work, and so forth.
  • Lightworkers’ careers are in creative fields such as art, music, writing, acting, designing jewelry – anything that makes use of inspired creativity and imagination. Lightworkers may be naturally gifted in one or more areas of the creative arts.

  • Even if you are not involved in the above three career categories, you gravitate towards them as a hobby, or you volunteer for causes you believe in, and so forth.
  • Lightworkers are not as materialistic as the general population. Lightworkers don’t care about status symbols, and fancy expensive stuff – as long as they have enough money to live decently, they are satisfied.
  • Lightworkers are very sensitive and cry easily.
  • Lightworkers are not religious in the traditional sense (even if you were raised in a very religious household), yet they are deeply spiritual.

  • Lightworkers are interested in New Age topics in general, and in particular, feel drawn to any of the following: Science-fiction; ETs and UFOs; ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria, ancient Egypt, etc
  • Lightworkers read books and/or attend lectures on New Age topics or personal-growth topics.
  • Lightworkers tend to have dreams that are very vivid and interesting.
  • Lightworkers, as young children, may have seen angels, faeries, the spirits of departed family members, or other beings of the spirit realm.  (And some of them still have this ability as adults.

  • Lightworkers may have had other so-called “supernatural” experiences throughout their lives (received information psychically, seen UFOs, etc.). Lightworkers are not freaked out by supernatural events as many people are – in fact, they seem normal and natural to Lightworkers.
  • Lightworkers are not terrified of death like most people, because Lightworkers have a spiritual outlook on this subject, and you know that spirit lives on even after the body dies.
  • Lightworkers tend to really love music, art, nature and animals.
  • Lightworkers are drawn to natural foods, and may be vegetarian or vegan.
  • Lightworkers can be sensitive to loud sounds, strong smells and crowds.

  • Lightworkers suffer from (or are in recovery from) addictions such as alcohol and overeating. (Even if you do not fit the true definition of “addict,” you still may have a tendency to abuse certain substances.  This is an attempt to cope with or numb the psychological pain and depression you may feel at times.)
  • Lightworkers may have suffered from depression. (If you have sought psychological counseling, you may have been misdiagnosed or simply not found any real relief.)
  • Lightworkers, in general, have found it difficult to live in this world.  This planet is hard for Lightworkers to take, because there is so much violence, mindlessness, destruction, disregard for nature and all of earth’s creatures, and so forth.  Also, the rampant selfishness, deceitfulness, aggressiveness and greed in the population is disgusting to Lightworkers.
  • All their lives, Lightworkers have yearned to go Home (even if you don’t consciously remember where Home is), and they may even have thought about suicide when the pain feels overwhelming, or simply wished to die.  Some Lightworkers feel they don’t belong in this world. However, Lightworkers do know that they came to this planet to help, and as much as the weariness and sometimes loneliness of life gets here, Lightworkers are still here and still helping!)

If you fit the Lightworker profile, you have probably been experiencing certain things in your life lately such as:

  • A shrinking of your social life.  Many of your old friendships have ended for one reason or another, and you find yourself spending more and more time alone. If you are married to (or are in a relationship) with a person who is not spiritual and not a Lightworker, you may find yourself wanting to end that relationship at this time.
  • A desire to relocate, perhaps to a place you’ve never even been to or ever thought about before.
  • Feeling that you’ve lost interest in your old career, and an inner sense that there is something else you are “meant” to do, but it hasn’t revealed itself to you yet.
  • Feelings of being completely fed up, tired of your old life, and wanting massive CHANGE.
  • Sensing that something big is about to happen, and feeling like you are just waiting, waiting, waiting.


6 thoughts on “LIGHT WORKER

  1. Sounds like me though I have never thought of myself as a light worker many people say I am special and blessed. I fit into almost all of these things above. Hmmm.


  2. Actually, it is also possible To evolve into a light worker even if you haven’t been open to it from childhood, even if you’ve had a happy childhood. The willingness and need to serve can grow as you get older and wiser!


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