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Dancing Boy

Random Act of Kindness #2 Dancing Boy

cartoon-excited-boy-dancing-hand-drawn-illustration-retro-style-vector-available-37037666Yesterday Evening as usual, every Sunday night I go to Havana Cafe to dance salsa. But this time is a little bit special. After I finished my dancing and took a little rest, I saw some children, a girl and a boy dancing on the dance floor, seems like they are siblings. After a while another little boy approached them and wanted to join but they didn’t let him. The little boy looked sad and he ran to his Mom to get a hug. Then I walked to them and asked if I can dance with him. Shy he nodded his head. Then I dance 1 full Bachata song with him, showed him a very simple steps so he can follow. And wad he really into the music, moved his little feet and smiled all the time. After the dance finished he gave me a big warm hug and smile. Glad that I did it.


A simple act of kindness mean a lot for someone

-Ina Pendit-



Wonderful “un-coincidence”

​Sometimes when you want to go somewhere or to do something or to meet someone, even when you already prepare your self, leave early but something makes you missed what you planned. Either you get upset and disappointed all day or be aware on where you end up and realize what’s wait for you there. And you’ll find that you’re meant to missed you plan to get another experience that is as beautiful as your original plan. Or might be more exciting. 


Yesterday for the 3rd or maybe 4th time my friend reminded me to join them to cacao ceremony. I thought … ok I’ll make it today … we planned to meet at Soma at 6.50, but don’t know why I mixed soma with atma so I ended up going the wrong way and stuck in traffic when I realized my mistake and I arrive at soma at 7pm. I tried to contact my friend but couldn’t reach. So I though that they left me behind since I was late. 

When I was standing at parking lot,  took some deep breath and thinking to go home since I also had a little headache … some lovely man said hi to me and started a conversation that ended up they invited me to join them.   I thought…. why not since I already there …

You know what, it ended up into a wonderful night. I met some lovely souls, had a jam with some lovely people at soma, I sang without hesitate, and had a nice conversation. I was a bit surprised because my headache gone after a few minutes I was there, I didn’t feel nervous to met new strangers, I didn’t feel shy to sing with them. I enjoyed it so much.

Best “un- coincident” event ever. 
Photo taken by Luna

The Journey

Nine months warmth surround this tiny pure soul
She’s protected , loved ….

Scream, sweat, blood covering the entrance to the place of thousands temples
Strong energy, sweet smell, soft gending and gamelan all around
The tiny soul woke up, open the eyes and start to feel
Beautiful faces dancing on a sacred song with flowers on their hands
Small soul smile from the heart and start dancing around Continue reading The Journey

Intuitive Mandala Workshop

A few weeks ago I joined an Intuitive Mandala Workshop with Holly Blake. We work with papers, coloring pencils and crayons, making shapes and colors, and make a collage mandala. I only made a quarter part instead of the full circle. Later on Holly collect our mandalas and put it together into a complete circle. Then Holly not just send the complete mandala to each of us, she also made an intuitive reading on our mandalas. It was a fun and interesting workshop. I play around with the shapes and color, just like  a child … I never did a collage mandala before so this one is not easy for me but I love it.

Collage Mandala from the workshop









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Children of Nature

Today work was a little bit different. I went with client to see the nature. Feel blessed.  Feel recharged.  Feel have more energy.  We are born in such a beautiful nature.  And Bali have such a special energy, especially in certain places.

I’m the soul that came from the center of the Earth.
Grow with the earth as my mother and the sky as my father.
The soil, the water, the wind and the fire are my brothers and sisters.
The animals and creatures are my friends.
I’ve been lost …
But I always come back to them since they keep calling out my name.
I’m back … here I am … let me be one with you once again